It may not be appropriate anymore to refer the scandal the CBSE is facing at the moment as 'leak', since it is fast becoming a flood of allegations. Apart from the crisis sparked by the real leak of actual exam question papers, CBSE was on Saturday forced to clarify on its website,, that allegations of the question papers of yet another subject were incorrect. This time it was the Class 12 Hindi elective paper, the exam for which is scheduled to be held on April 2.

The Central Board of Secondary Education was forced to respond to forwards on mesasaging platform like WhatsApp, that the Class 12 Hindi paper had also been leaked. "A fake question paper of Class 12- Hindi (Elective) is being circulated on Social Media platforms like Whatsapp, YouTube etc, it is not the real one," CBSE said in a statement, news agency ANI reported.

The clarification came after a protest outside the CBSE headquarters in Delhi, raising slogans that the Hindi elective question paper had also been leaked.

The board has already been battling the blowback after it confirmed that the question papers for Class 12 Economics and Class 10 Mathematics had been leaked. It was forced to order a retest for Class 12 Economics on April 25 across the country.

(With inputs from ANI)

However, the Class 10 students caught a lucky break from taking their Mathematics exam again. On Friday, the Education Secretary announced that students outside Delhi and Haryana would not face re-examination. Even in Delhi and Haryana, the re-examination would be conducted only if the investigation reveals a need to do so.

The Class 12 Economics exam had been held on March 26, while the Class 10 Mathematics exam was on March 28.

Special investigations have been launched into the leaks, and police have identified the whistleblower who had raised the issue in an email to the CBSE. Police have also questioned over 60 people - students as well as coaching centre staff - in connection with the leak.