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To provide an awareness to Computer and Programming in “C” language.

  • To enable the student to learn the major components of a Computer system.  
  • To know the correct and efficient ways of solving problems using C Language.
  • To learn the concepts of Arrays, Strings, Pointers, Functions, Structure and Union in C Language.
 UNIT I: INTRODUCTION                                     8
Generation and Classification of Computers- Basic Organization of a Computer –Number System –Binary – Decimal – Conversion – Problems. Need for logical analysis and thinking – Algorithm –Pseudo code – Flow Chart.

UNIT II: C PROGRAMMING BASICS                             10
Problem formulation – Problem Solving - Introduction to ‘ C’ programming –fundamentals – structure of a ‘C’ program – compilation and linking processes – Constants, Variables – Data Types –Expressions using operators in ‘C’ – Managing Input and Output operations – Decision Making and Branching – Looping statements – solving simple scientific and statistical problems.

UNIT III: ARRAYS AND STRINGS                             9
Arrays – Initialization – Declaration – One dimensional and Two dimensional arrays. String- String operations – String Arrays. Simple programs- sorting- searching – matrix operations.

UNIT IV: FUNCTIONS AND POINTERS                         9
Function – definition of function – Declaration of function – Pass by value – Pass by reference – Recursion – Pointers - Definition – Initialization – Pointers arithmetic – Pointers and arrays- Example Problems.

Introduction – need for structure data type – structure definition – Structure declaration – Structure within a structure - Union - Programs using structures and Unions – Storage classes, Pre-processor directives.                     TOTAL: 45 PERIODS
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