IT6601 - Mobile Computing - Questions

Define Mobile computing.
Difference between FDMA and TDMA.
Why do Hidden and Exposed terminal problem arise.
Prove that Barker code has good auto correlation.
Write the characteristics of mobile computing.
Draw the 3 Tier structure of Mobile computing application.
State the issue in wireless MAC protocol.
Draw the Taxonomy of MAC protocol.
Write the different Random assignment scheme in MAC.
Difference between Mobile computing vs Wireless Networking.
Define mobile IP.
What is Tunneling process?
Define COA.
State the features of mobile IP.
State the key mechanism used in Mobile IP.
Explain Fixed Assignment Scheme in detail.   
Explain Random Assignment Scheme in detail.
Compare the mechanism of TDMA, FDMA and CDMA.
Explain Reservation Based Scheme in detail.
Describe Bluetooth Protocol stack  in detail.
Write in detail about Route Optimization.
Write the application of Wireless LAN and the advantage of Wireless LAN over wired LAN.
Explain Wireless LAN and 3 Tier architecture in detail.
Write the features of Mobile IP.
Write short notes on IP addressing and IP routing.