IT6601 - Mobile Computing Questions

Draw the Comparison of TCP/IP and ISO/OSI model.
State the mechanism used in improvement of TCP Performance.
Explain Slow start Algorithm.
Define Round Trip Time.
Explain any two protocols used in the application layer.
Define GSM.
Elaborate the category of GSM services.
State the Functions of Data Link Layer.
Write the three main elements of UMTS.
Define SS7.
Write the Subsystems of GSM.
List the types of services used in GPRS.
State the two elements used in GPRS.
Define Handover.
Draw the protocol of GSM.
Explain the adaptation of TCP window in detail.
Write in detail about the methods used in the performance of TCP/IP.
Explain the UMTS in detail.
Describe the architecture of GSM in detail.
What is GPRS and explain its importance in mobile communication.
Draw and explain the handover scenario and services along with the message flow diagram in GSM.
Draw and explain the Sliding window Protocol and Slow start in detail.
Compare and Explain the TCP/IP versus ISO/OSI model.
Explain the authentication scheme used in GSM.    
List the advantages and Limitation of GPRS and UMTS