IT6601 - Mobile Computing - Questions

1.    Why do Hidden and Exposed terminal problem arise.
2.    Write the characteristics of mobile computing.
3.    State the issue in wireless MAC protocol.
4.    Draw the Taxonomy of MAC protocol.
5.    Define mobile IP.
6.    What is Tunneling process?
7.    How the mobile nodes identify the current location? Explain
8.    State the features of mobile IP.
9.    Define GSM.
10.    State the Functions of Data Link Layer.
11.    Define SS7.
12.    Define Handover.
13.    Explain the MANET multicasting protocols.
14.    Write the characteristics of secure Ad-hoc networks.
15.    Explain the type of network used in moving automobile.
16.    Write the characteristics of Ad-hoc network that can be exploited to cause security vulnerabilities.
17.    State the types of kernel and write its function.
18.    Define IDE.
19.    Draw the Evolution of Microsoft’s mobile OS.
20.    State the important features of Windows mobile OS.
PART-B (16 Marks)    
21.    Elaborate the access technique used in fixed assignment scheme.    
22.    Write a note on
i) ALOHA                
ii) Slotted ALOHA  
iii) CSMA
23.    Compare the mechanism of TDMA, FDMA and CDMA in detail.
24.    State and explain the wireless MAC issue.
25.    Explain the adaptation of TCP window in detail.
26.    i)Write in detail about Route optimization.(8)
ii) Draw and explain the Sliding window Protocol and Slow start in detail. (8)
27.    What is Mobile IP? Describe the mobile IP Protocol. Explain with a diagram how IP packets are transmitted between mobile nodes. Also, explain how the packet delivery mechanism in the mobile IP protocol differs from IP Protocol.
28.    Write in detail about the methods used in the performance of TCP/IP.
29.    Discuss briefly about the UMTS system architecture and UMTS radio Interface.
30.    Describe the GSM architecture reference model in detail.
31.    What is GPRS and explain its importance in mobile communication.
32.    Draw and explain the handover scenario, services and authentication along with the message flow diagram in GSM.
33.    i) Write the characteristics of MANET.(8)
ii) State MANET and explain its application. (8)
34.    Explain DSDV and DSR in detail.
35.    i)Write the security issue in a MANET and explain the attacks on Ad Hoc Networks.(8)
ii) Write the design issues in MANET in detail. (8)
36.    i)Compare MANET with the VANET.(8)
ii) Write the application of MANETs and explain. (8)
37.    Write in detail about MOS.
38.    i)Write the application of M-Commerce (8)
ii) Draw the structure and explain the Mobile commerce with its Pros and Cons. (8)
      39. Explain in detail about the Android Application development.
      40. Explain the Mobile Payment System and the security issues.