NEW DELHI: In view of the second wave coronavirus COVID-19 across the country, Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) University, New Delhi, held a meeting of Deans of Faculties and other officials and issued a statement releasing fresh guidelines for its students and staff members. The university has advised all its students to stay home and continue their academic work online amid rising COVID-19 cases across the country. It also stated that students should avoid making a physical presence for their academic work, library, laboratory etc. unless it is very essential. 

According to reports, the JMI has decided to constitute a corona control committee and a monitoring committee to keep a check on the COVID-19 situation at the campus. The monitoring committees will take stock of the situation at the campus and advise the university administration of taking necessary steps if required. The university stated that wearing a face mask by all students and staff member is mandatory and no entry would be given to anyone, found without a mask, to the campus. 

"All students are advised to stay at home and avoid physical presence for their academic work, library, laboratory etc. unless it is very essential. All COVID- 19 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) has to be followed to enter campus for academic activities and essential work which includes thermal screening at gates, wearing of mask, social distancing, no spitting in public places and entry with only valid identity proof along with the purpose of visit to the University Campus etc," a statement released by Jamia Millia Islamia stated. 

Meanwhile, the university has also announced cancellation of booking of conference halls, auditorium and seminar halls shall remain cancelled for indefinite period of time. "The university has asked all concerned to remain vigilant to handle the present COVID-19 pandemic situation, follow the guidelines and SOPs issued by the Government of India, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Ayush to prevent the spread of the disease and take appropriate steps for the benefit of students and staff," the statement released by JMI said.